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Elizabeth Cottone, PhD

Elizabeth Cottone’s recent research focuses on resilience in marginalized communities, dyslexia, ADHD, and stroke. Over a 25-year career, Beth has worked as a special education teacher, tutor and administrator as well as a University of Virginia researcher. Today, Beth is an independent scholar, author, teacher and consultant.  She finds that the most relevant information comes from the students she has taught.

Beth's Reinvention Book

Coming on October 15th, Beth’s new book, Reinvention: Life After Traumatic Change. Across a range on research and reflections, Beth examines the emotional and practical struggles involved in returning to a full life and the possibility of happiness after devastating loss.

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Beth's Dyslexia Book

Beth’s recent book, Dyslexia: A Universe of Possibilities is now available at and other online booksellers. In this unique text, Beth combines scholarship and a compassionate, first-person perspective to highlight a path forward for students with dyslexia, ADHD, and other neurodiversity.

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For stroke survivors

Next Stroke Support Meeting

Each month, Beth hosts a virtual Stroke Support Group meeting for fellow-survivors of stroke and other brain injuries. Online and free to attend, the meetings offer fellowship, peer sharing and speaking appearances by noted experts in neurology and related fields.

Beth Cottone knows whereof she speaks, whether she is speaking or writing about children and education. She can say about more things than most of her colleagues “been there, done that.”

James M. Kauffman

Professor Emeritus of Education, University of Virginia

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